Early attempts at machinima produced in the mid-2000's of the original four islands of The Sidhevairs in their original grid location in 2nd Life. These islands were the love children of the Elenarwen of Sidhevair, Maerian Morris in her non-profit work for Westernesste.

  • Sidhevair Wandering (Estel Sidhevair)
  • Ennyn Sidhevair
  • Minas Sidhevair
  • Caladanann Sidhevair


Machinima from Peer Gynt production art made in the Sidhevairs and designed by Maerian Morris. These machinima were part of the production of Peer Gynt produced by the Theater Arts Department at  UC Santa Cruz and directed by Professor Kimberly Jannerone. Edited versions were featured in the live performances of Peer Gynt and in an exhibition at the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, showcasing the design process, production dramaturgy, and stand-alone works drawn from the production.

Deus Ex Machinima...
Westernesste and The Sidhevairs have provided an environment to explore digital art in 3D settings. Machinima are digital videos that capture avatars in action. This involves the use of real-time computer graphics engines and/or video game technology to create a cinematic production through the generation of computer animation with live performances by actors and participants in a virtual world or video game.