​​Westernesste has found much of our early expression through our mythopoeic interactions and digital arts in the virtual islands of the Sidhevairs. You can learn more about this work by visiting our sister sites at the links above. The Faelf comprise the members and avatars of Westernesste and the Sidhevairs. The Sidhevairs are a non-profit arts and educational association which share a group tax exemption under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code as a chartered coordinating subordinate organization of Westernesste. Donations to us are tax deductible. You can learn more about the organization of Westernesste and The Sidhevairs by clicking here.

Our Goals

​​By reaching out to all citizens of the Earth, and through our online presence here and in the Sidhevairs, Westernesste joins in the growing celebration on this planet of earth-centered religions. We focus upon, develop, and contribute to a mature and responsible religious dialog along with rites and ceremonies dedicated to the respect of Earth. We offer guidance focused upon the blossoming and support of human and planetary potential and the responsible pursuit of personal freedoms.

​​​Westernesste contributes to the growing celebration on this planet of Earth-loving religions. We focus upon mythopoetics and rites and cermonies dedicated to the respect of Earth, the guidance, blossoming and support of human and planetary potential, and the realization of responsible personal freedoms.

​​Westernesste celebrates 8 Seasonal Cycles on an annual basis. We also have additional celebrations in Spring and Fll of the Eleusinian Mysteries.


"Faelf" is a blended compound word for Faeries and Elves.  "Sidhevair" is a bilingual compound word and a pun. Sidhe means Fae or Faery in Gaelic and at the same time Sidh means Peace in Elvish. Evair is an archaic Elvish word for Elves who are reluctant to leave the lands they love. 

Sidhevair then, has multiple meanings which include Faery-Elf or "Faelf", and Peaceful Faelf.

Please contact the individual Nesstes for details on rites in your area. ​​

​​​​​Our Work


​Weddings, Funerals, Rites of Passage


In the Sidhevairs (Inworld)
If you are already a member of the Sidhevairs you can find event announcements by joining the Sidhevair group on Facebook. . You can request an invitation at the group page in Facebook as it is a "by invite only" group.

FaEleusinian Mysteries 
Are currently on "hold" while the virtual aspect of the Sidhevairs are re-worked.

Westernesste Events (Outworld)

Westernesste's Seasonal Cycles

The Faelf celebrate as many holidays as we can including:

  • full moons
  • no moons
  • Seasonal points                                             (such as the solstices and equinoxes)
  • half way points between solstices and equinoxes                                                           (the cross-quarter days)
  • commemorations of other world religious celebrations (particularly those of Celtic, Greek, African Diasporic, Norse, and mythopoetic mixtures from wherever we please.)

Welcome to the Westernesste website

What we do


​​Westernesste can be distinguised from our many spiritual relatives by our primary focus upon the exploration and development of modern archetypes and mythopoeic work drawn from the literatures of fantasy, myth, folklore and science fiction. In other words, Westernesste seeks to poetically and creatively draw upon these sources to intentionally birth new myth and meaning with the hope of enriching the lives and spirits of our members and the world. Westernesste merges philosophy, visual, auditory, digital, performance and collaborative participatory arts focused upon inspiring our members and those with whom we come in contact.