The Faelf

The Faelf celebrate as many holidays as we can including:

  • full moons
  • no moons
  • Seasonal points (such as the solstices and equinoxes)
  • half way points between solstices and equinoxes  (the cross-quarter days)
  • commemorations of other world religious celebrations (particularly those of Celtic, Greek, African Diasporic, Norse, and mythopoetic mixtures from wherever we please.)

The Faelf comprise the members and avatars of Westernesste and the Sidhevairs. The Sidhevairs are a non-profit arts and educational association which share a group tax exemption under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code as a chartered coordinating subordinate organization of Westernesste. Donations to us are tax deductible. You can learn learn more about our parent organization by visiting the Westernesste site.  You can learn more about the organization of The Sidhevairs, see our EIN letter, our DUNS information, our charter, and our articles of association by clicking the links above, or contacting Please be patient as the pandemic and the state of the world have dramatically impacted our response time.

The Faelf


"Faelf" is a blended compound word for Faeries and Elves.  "Sidhevair" is a bilingual compound word and a pun. Sidhe means Fae or Faery in Gaelic and at the same time Sidh means Peace in Elvish. Evair is an archaic Elvish word for Elves who are reluctant to leave the lands they love. 

Sidhevair then, has multiple meanings which include Faery-Elf or "Faelf", and Peaceful Faelf.

Faelf Events

Welcome to the Faelf website

You are welcome to explore, and just as in the Sidhevairs, all doors that will open to you may be entered respectfully. When you encounter a door that is locked,  please respect that.

​​The Faelf site is primarily intended for the Faelf and the members of the Sidhevairs and Westernesste, but non-members can learn a bit more about us here.

We offer playful opportunities to explore these themes through immersion in character. We hope that you will find that the lands and the residents of the Sidhevairs (the faelf) offer you the chance to play and explore myth and fantasy.